Credit Card Debt Repayment Calculator

Credit Card Debt Repayment Calculator

Use this calculator to see how quickly you can repay your credit card debt. You need to enter how much is your net debt, your credit card interest rate and one of these:
- after how many months you would like to be debt free
- what monthly payment you would like to pay.

What will it take to pay off my credit card?
Enter your credit card net debt (how much do you owe): $
Enter the credit card's interest rate: %
How much can you pay monthly: $
Enter desired months until debt free:
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How to Use the Credit Card Debt Calculator

1. Enter the net debt owed by you. If your credit card's limit is $5000, but you have spent $1840, you should enter 1840 in the firsdt field.
2. Enter the interest rate you pay on your credit card debt
3. Choose how do you want to calculate:
- do you want to see how quickly you can repay your debt, by entering the max monthly amount you can pay
- or you want to see what would be your monthly payment, if you wanted to repay your debt for a specific amount of time.

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